Welcome to the website of Broadclyst Football Club.


On our website you will find information about the club for all our members and for visiting teams.


Our main philosophy here at Broadclyst Football Club is to ensure as many young and old can enjoy playing the beautiful game in a fair, friendly and fun way.


We also buy in to inclusion for all (as much as possible - as space in squads are limited by number of coachs etc.); and sign up to many FA initiatives to ensure this is all part of our clubs ethos. The FA's mast head initiative which all others branch off of is the 'RESPECT' programme; and we highlight this to all our players, players parents / guardians, other spectators and coaches.


We also ensure the safety of all our children by ensuring at least one coach per team is trained to FA levels in first aid. We also CRC check EVERY coach that is involved with the youth teams.


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